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The flight instructor certificate, for most commercial pilots, is the beginning of life as a commercial pilot. There is no greater feeling in aviation than earning your first paycheck for doing something you love. Earning your flight instructors certificate will give you that opportunity and to build hours while being gainfully employed as a pilot.

As a Cessna Pilot Center and an FAA Approved Part 141 flight school, Ocean Aviation is a great choice to earn your Flight Instructor Certificate.

Ready to Get Started - Here Is What You Will Need

The FAA Flight Instructor Certificate is a rating issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, which allows a pilot to teach perspective flight students. The Flight Instructor Course prerequisites include;

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to acquire the rating.
  2. You must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.
  3. You must possess at least a third-class FAA medical examination.
  4. You must pass the both the FOI and Certified Flight Instructor knowledge tests prior to enrollment.
  5. You must have received the required spin training prior to arrival. Ocean Aviation Flight Academy can provide this training or assist locating a spin training provider if necessary.

Course Description

Our Flight Instructor Course is designed as an accelerated program that will consist of 20 hours of ground instruction (either individual or small group), fifteen hours of flight instruction, books and materials and shipping. The course can normally be completed in as little as fourteen days.

Call for Pricing

Included in tuition are all dual and solo flight time, enrollment in the Ocean Aviation Flight Instructors Course, FAA Required Flight Time, Pre-Flight, and Post Flight Briefings, and FAA Required Ground and Classroom training. The knowledge tests, flight test, aircraft to be used in the flight test, and spin training are not included in the price. Training will be conducted under FAA Part 61. FAA Part 141 Flight Instructor Course is also available. Ocean Aviation reserves the right to train students under Part 61 should the student not maintain standards.

We recommend contacting our enrollment counselors at admissions@flyoceanaviation.com to discuss your individual needs. They are trained professionals that will take the time to discuss your proposed schedule and individual course requirement. We are always happy to discuss your proposed training schedule and price quote based on your individual needs.

As an eventual career path or simply a way of life, there is nothing quite like the thrill of flying!


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