Ocean Aviation is the Best Choice for your Flight Training

Ocean Aviation Flight Academy has a rich history of flight training. Many students arrive each year with the desire to become pilots, some as a future career, others to enjoy the wonder of flight, eventually owning their own aircraft. Yet others simply desire a much more efficient mode of travel then land based transportation can offer.

No matter your motivation, Ocean Aviation Flight Academy is a great choice for your flight training. As an FAA Part 141 Flight Academy, we must maintain the highest standards required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally, Ocean Aviation Flight Academy is a Cessna Pilot Center which allows us to provide the Cessna CPC interactive flight training courses which are considered to be the finest interactive flight training courses available.

Many of our students are local to our area. Yet others seek out our program and travel from half way around the world to attend. Ocean Aviation is an International Flight School, having SEVIS approval to issue the I20 so that students from all over the world can receive their M-1 Visa to train here for their career in aviation. We have training students from all around the world, including the Caribbean, China, France, and many other countries around the world.

Our location on the Eastern Shore of Maryland allows us to train in uncrowded airspace where we do not require leaving our area to begin your training. We are well outside the extremely regulated special flight rules area of Washington and Baltimore and so your flight training is routinely taking place directly above and within a small radius of our airport. Unlike the crowded skies of the southeast United States, where so many of the largest flight schools operate, we enjoy relatively empty skies. Weather is flyable throughout the year, with our students training in both summer and winter conditions.

Finally, Ocean Aviation Flight Academy retains that personal touch. We are big enough to offer the advantages of the largest flight schools in the country, yet our students will always enjoy the personal attention that only a smaller flight school can offer.