At what age can I start Flight Training?
There is no minimum of maximum age restriction to begin flight training. To solo, a student must be at least 16 years old. To earn their Private Pilot’s license, a student must be at least 17 years old.

Am I required to pay for all my lessons prior to beginning flight training?
No, students can pay as they go, paying for each flight lesson at the conclusion of that lesson. However, some students prefer to put funds on account. We can accommodate prepay accounts. Additionally, students booking an accelerated course are required to place a deposit to hold the course reservations. Deposits are not required for students enrolled in self-paced programs.

On what days can I take my flight lessons?
Ocean Aviation Flight academy operates every day of the year except for Easter, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Lessons are scheduled from 8am through sunset. Additionally, required night flights are scheduled later in the evening.

What date does your next class start?
Students who are United States citizens train on their own schedule, so you can enroll and begin your flight training at any time. International student enrollment date is the first day of each month.

Can I Complete All Training at Ocean Aviation Flight Academy to become an Airline Pilot?
Yes, and many graduates have done just that! Ocean Aviation is a professional flight academy recognized by many of the airline and corporate flight departments. Here you will receive training that will allow you to become a commercial pilot . Our ProPilot course is designed for the student that seeks a career as a professional aviator, combining the Private certificate, Instrument Rating and Commercial courses so that upon graduation, the student has all certificates necessary to work as a professional aviator. And.. get paid to fly!