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Whether you are ready to become a private pilot, or you are seeking professional flight training, we have the services you are looking for…


As a Cessna Pilot Center, we offer the most professional flight training experience, including Cessna’s interactive computerized training curriculum. Cessna’s flight training curriculum is the most advanced training curriculum in the world.

Ocean Aviation is FAA Part 141 approved, meaning we meet the highest standards. This includes our curriculum based training which has been approved by the FAA. Ocean Aviation is also approved by the Veterans Administration to accept VA benefits for your flight training.

Our staff of professional, FAA-certified flight instructors can provide professional flight training tailored to your individual requirements. Our newly remodeled training facility here at the Ocean City Airport is clean and comfortable. Our flight and ground staff will assure your training is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Ocean Aviation is based at the Ocean City Municipal Airport. When choosing a flight school, so many things should be considered.

Ask yourself: Can I train in the airspace where the flight school is based? Is it overcrowded, or restricted? Do I have to spend my flight training funds to fly away from the school to somewhere where training is permitted?

At Ocean Aviation, the airspace above and within 50 miles in all directions is class “E” airspace. That means the area around our airport; in fact, right above our airport is perfect for your flight training. All instrument training is done in an aircraft, in flight.


Our staff of FAA and Cessna certified flight instructors are ready to prepare you to become a competent, proficient, and confident pilot. And they will not stop there! Ocean Aviation’s Cessna Pilot Center curriculum has been recognized by flight training professionals as the absolute best flight training in the world.

Our staff is here to ensure your success. Your flight instructor will be assigned to you on your first day of training and will be available throughout your training. Our one-on-one instruction is second to none. Our chief flight instructor will ensure consistent training standards are maintained at each of your stage checks.

Train at the Beach

The commercial certificate takes longer to attain than any other certificate you have earned to date. While the private pilot and instrument rating can be completed in as little as 35 hours, or thirty days, you must complete 120 hours of training for the commercial certificate. That often takes three to four months or more. Luckily, Ocean Aviation is four miles from the world famous resort of Ocean City, Maryland…

Live at the beach and train above the most beautiful resort on the east coast. Our weather is perfect for your flight training all year around. Plus, we are less than an hour’s flight time from the most complex airspace in the country. We offer real-world flying experience and a vacation lifestyle.


Ocean Aviation has beautiful resort style accommodations available all year around. We have several choices available. Are you someone who demands the very best? We have it. High-end accommodations are available. Or, for those on a budget, choose our resort-style student housing.

Contact our admissions office at to explore the housing arrangements that are right for you.

Whether your dream is to fly for business and pleasure, or you are headed toward a career in aviation, we have a course to fit your lifestyle, your schedule, your budget. Financing is available.

Contact us today to begin your adventure! We would be happy to meet with you to review your course curriculum and a realistic financial cost analysis. Start today on your way to a Private Pilot certificate. From your first discovery flight to your check ride and FAA Private Pilot certificate, your experience here at Ocean Aviation will prepare you well for all your flights to come.

*Price includes all flight time, ground instruction, computer based training and course books and materials. Does not include knowledge and flight tests, AME fees, DE fees, housing, and transportation. Course price assumes accelerated training. Does not include any additional training required as a result of student failure to maintain minimum course standards, missed flights, or gaps in training.