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William Richmond

I had been working on finishing my commercial rating for close to two years and was having difficulty dedicating the time to getting it done. I looked into a few different flight schools' 'finish up' programs and my conversation with Mike (the owner) drew me here. I liked his realistic approach to training and what should be considered a reasonable time commitment. Reviewing Ocean Aviation's fleet and looking at the school's location closed the deal. I had a wonderful experience with a great instructor who provided clear explanations, brought a calm demeanor and was clearly vested in my success. It was a fun learning experience and I walked away with my new rating and new friends.
- by William Richmond

Marc Slavin - IFR/Commercial Pilot

Dear Mike, As you know, earning my Commercial ticket has been my dream since I began flying a few years ago. When I first started my basic lesson’s I knew that I would want to learn as much as possible about aviating, not just the basics. The challenges and demands of studying and flying the commercial maneuver’s requirements have absolutely made me a far better pilot. Safer and more confident! I want to thank you and your team of professional pilots at Ocean Aviation that helped me achieve my goals. Moreover, I sincerely enjoyed developing the friendships with your team and their personal attention in helping me succeed. It is nice to know that I can depend on your CFII’s in the future to help me maintain and sharpen my skills. Thank you very much for working with me over the last year to achieve my dream of a commercial pilot certificate.
- by Marc Slavin - IFR/Commercial Pilot

Rory Pugh

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a special day we enjoyed with family and friends watching -and experiencing Rory’s first flight. Truly a memorable day. Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm, surely you made a difference. We look forward to the journey Rory has begun and count ourselves fortunate to have you and Ocean Aviation as his guide. Have a successful summer and we forward to seeing you in the off season. Fondly, Sara and Mark Pugh
- by Rory Pugh

Ryan Borth

Wanted to let you know I got my ATP certificate the other day. I’m based in Chicago and will be flying the CRJ 200, 700, and 900. Thanks for all the help over the years!

Alan John

Thanks for giving me my first break, this wouldn’t be possible without your help.