Our Students have a passion for flying

Students who come to Ocean Aviation come here from every possible scenario and from all walks of life. Some younger students are training as they attend high school, some are college students. Yet others may be well into careers as Doctors, Surgeons, Wall Street executives and other very successful businessman. From bartenders to land barons. We have had flight students starting training as young as fourteen and have had students begin training when they were far into their retirement years.

Some students plan on a career in aviation as an airline pilot or with the goal of a military career. Others plan on purchasing their own aircraft to use in their business or to enjoy personally. Yet others will enjoy aviation by renting aircraft from us.

Some students live locally, while others travel from other states throughout the US. We have had students enroll from states as far away as California and Hawaii. Additionally, as an internationally approved flight academy, students arrive from countries around the world. Student from Canada, Mexico, France, England, the Caribbean, Japan, and China. So.. as you can see, there is no typical flight student. But there is a very powerful commonality that all our students have and that is their dream, their fascination, their love of aviation. Here at Ocean Aviation, we nurture that love as they train so that they come away with the positive energy that will hopefully last throughout their lives.