Course Schedules

When you enroll at Ocean Aviation Flight Academy, one of the first choices you will make is what schedule is right for you. Ocean Aviation offers three course tracks:

  • Self Paced
  • Accelerated
  • Professional Pilot


Many students choose self-paced as it allows the student to blend their flight training into their other daily requirements and obligations such as school or career. It also allows students to budget their training as self-paced allows for a “pay-as-you-go” environment. You simply pay for each lesson at the conclusion of the lesson. Self-Paced Flight Training is far less stressful. The student trains on their terms, on their schedule. Students can choose to train one day a week or three days a week. Or a lesson a month. The choice is yours. This is the answer for those seeking a relaxed schedule. Great for those who seek to blend their flight training into their lives while being able to meet their other obligations.


An accelerated program allows a student to complete the course in a preset amount of days and a pre-determined cost. It is a huge advantage for the flight student that can devote all their energy to aviation for the time necessary to complete. However, all your time must be devoted to aviation. It is the most cost-efficient form of flight training and the least time to complete. But, for the period of your training, you cannot have any distractions. You will be eating, drinking and sleeping aviation. When we enroll in an accelerated flight student, we are committing our staff, our aircraft and our resources to your success. It is a partnership between us and you. We commit to giving you the tools and the knowledge to reach your goal. Here at the Ocean Aviation Flight Academy, we take that commitment very seriously. If you choose the accelerated flight program, our goal is for you to complete in the scheduled time frame. As the accelerated flight student, your commitment must be to provide your full attention. That is non-negotiable. Your instructor will be a full-time staff member. Accelerated Flight Students should plan to enroll at lease thirty days prior to their planned start date. This will allow you to complete the Cessna Pilot Center ground training course and pass the FAA required knowledge test prior to arrival. This is a prerequisite of the accelerated track. Students should also complete their FAA medical prior to arrival.

Training will be scheduled five days per week. Flight lessons will be scheduled once to twice daily.

Ocean Aviation Flight Academy will ship all material necessary to complete your ground study. Additionally, Ocean Aviation Flight Academy will reserve staff and aircraft required to complete your flight training. We require a deposit upon enrollment.** This deposit/enrollment fee is non-refundable.** Although our accelerated program is planned based upon a preset number of days, weather delays can add additional days to the course. Those days can be used for ground study. Although we work hard to meet your goal, we cannot guarantee your certificate in the pre-determined number of hours of days. Additional hours that may be required will be invoiced at our normal hourly rate.*

Accelerated Course Time To Complete Estimates

  • Private Pilot Course 18 Days
  • Instrument Rating Course 12 Days
  • Commercial Pilot Course 30 Days
  • Flight Instructor Course 10 Days

All accelerated courses are meant to be stand-alone programs. It is impossible for a student to complete one course and be ready to start the next course. All courses require students to complete all coursework and knowledge tests prior to arrival. Time to prepare for each course prior to arrival is at least 30 days. For that reason, we will only schedule one accelerated course at a time.

Accelerated Program Deposit Credit Card Authorization Form


The professional pilot track is a three year program that begins with a students first flight lesson and completes with you beginning your career as an airline pilot. Students enrolled in the Professional Pilot Track will be at the school five days a week, fully emersed in both flight and ground training. This is a full time program. You will begin your training with your Private Pilot’s license, then your instrument rating, followed by your commercial pilots license and flight instructor and instrument instructor certificate. All those rating will be completed in the first year of training.

Now it’s time for us to compensate you. You are now a commercial pilot and flight instructor with approximately 225 flight hours. Ocean Aviation Flight Academy will guarantee you a position as a flight instructor. Our compensation rate for instructors is among the highest in the industry. Since the airlines require 1500 hours of flight time, you will continue to build your hours as an instructor for two years or less until you move to the next phase of your aviation career.