About Our Finish Up Programs

Probably the most inquiries we receive is from the pilot who is midway throw his training and feels the need to change schools. It could be lack of progress, or an instructor who is no longer available or an aircraft maintenance situation. The only constant in each inquiry is the student feels the need for a change. Other than that, each situation is very different.

We are happy to discuss each situation and advise if we can be of assistance. If possible, we advise the perspective client to come in and meet in person. We can review their logbook and advise how we feel they are best to proceed. If we feel the student is best served by staying at their present school, we are not shy about sharing that opinion. However, in cases where we can assist, we are happy to provide the flight training that will allow the student to complete their training.


In a finish up program, each student arrives with different needs and challenges. Some students are truly struggling with a task and requires additional hours while others may simply require the availability of instructors or aircraft to complete their rating. Our experience with finish up programs will allow us to review your skills in the most efficient way possible to focus in on what challenges you may be experiencing and then focus in on those challenges so that you can complete your course.

Time and Hours

Each students’ requirements are different. Therefore, it is impossible to have a one price fits all program in place for the student seeking a finish up program. Keep in mind that when you are ready for that big day, and we endorse your logbook for your certificate and rating, we must endorse that we certify that the applicant is prepared for the practical test. Therefore, we must review all maneuvers and assure they are within ACS standards prior to endorsing you for your flight test. We do this in a very concise and efficient manor to assure that you reach your goal and attain your rating as efficiently as possible.

We recommend contacting our enrollment counselors at admissions@flyoceanaviation.com to discuss your individual needs. They are trained professionals that will take the time to discuss your individual course requirements and are happy to discuss a schedule and price quote based on your individual needs.

As an eventual career path or simply a way of life, there is nothing quite like the thrill of flying!

Hear from our Students


“I had been working on finishing my commercial rating for close to two years and was having difficulty dedicating the time to getting it done. I looked into a few different flight schools’ ‘finish up’ programs and my conversation with Mike (the owner) drew me here. I liked his realistic approach to training and what should be considered a reasonable time commitment. Reviewing Ocean Aviation’s fleet and looking at the school’s location closed the deal. I had a wonderful experience with a great instructor who provided clear explanations, brought a calm demeanor and was clearly vested in my success. It was a fun learning experience and I walked away with my new rating and new friends.”

- by William Richmond

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