The Next Step

Many students enroll here at Ocean Aviation Flight Academy with the goal of a new career as a commercial pilot. No matter whether your goal is the airlines, flying cargo such as UPS and FedEx, fractional operators such as NetJets, Flex jet, Wheels Up, and Delta Jet, or any of the hundreds of opportunities available, we will be there to assist as you chose your path in aviation.

Ocean Aviation Flight Academy maintains communication with employers throughout aviation. Their pilot recruiters are in constant contact with us, wanting to know who might be coming available.

From your first flight lesson to completion of Phase 1 and your Private Pilot License, to your instrument and commercial license, your path will be clear as you move upward. Upon reaching Phase 4, a student will be well on their way. Now a commercial pilot, the next step is to reach the minimum fifteen hundred hours of flight time at which you can earn your ATP. Ocean Aviation will guarantee our ProPilot students full time flight instructor positions so from lesson one right through your 1500-hour ATP requirement and your airline interview, you never have to leave. We have it all right here. Typically, students will complete all requirements from first flight to their airline interview in less than three years.

As you approach your 1500-hour requirement, we will introduce you our airline partners and assist you in choosing the right opportunity as you move into your career. Our graduates fly for many major airlines including American, Delta, Jet Blue and United. We have the partnerships and personal connections connection’s you will need with airlines such as Piedmont and Republic Airlines. Plus, we have requests for corporate pilots coming from many charter and fractional operators. Our school is very well respected and will make sure your career is a success. Our airline recruiters are always happy to meet with you and speak about future opportunities.